Colm Keegan


Welcome to Colm Keegan’s official website.

A singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland, Colm is a principal member of the world-renowned Irish music group Celtic Thunder. Colm has performed in array of prestigious musical venues, from St. Peter’s Basilica as chorister to the Beacon Theatre on Broadway. Colm has enjoyed a huge variety of music in his diverse journey to date.

“To look back already and see the journey that music has brought me on is an incredible feeling. On this, my official website page, I’d like to share with you all the latest news, encourage you to sign up to our guest list where I will personally get in touch with you, and finally I would like to take you with me & show you that journey that has allowed me the opportunity to travel and sing all over the world. I hope you enjoy what you see.”

– Colm


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